Student & Parent


Owen B.

I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted into Vanderbilt today! Thank you so much for your advice on what to do when deferred because I really think it helped me get in. This was my biggest reach out of all the schools I applied to and I couldn’t have gotten to this point without your help! Thanks again!

Gillian E.

I have been accepted to Northeastern University and plan to attend there next year! I also received a scholarship from the school as well! I wanted to thank you so much for all your help in this process; I really appreciate the work you put in to help me achieve this goal!

Henry D.

You were instrumental to my college search process. Without your valuable insight, Syracuse would not have even been on my radar. Thanks to my College Match, I'm starting there in the fall and can't wait to be an Orange.

Claire G.

You helped me shift my thinking about what my college essay should look like, and guided me into preparing an essay that would stand out among hundreds of applications. I am forever grateful for your immense knowledge and your patience with me. You even scheduled an emergency session the night my application was due to ensure my essay was the best it could possibly be. I am certain that without your help, I would not be attending the accelerated Bachelor's of Nursing program at UNC that begins in spring 2022. Thank you again!

Gabbi M.

I seriously could not have done this without you! You gave me confidence to improve my writing while you helped me with editing my essays. You also provided guidance in representing my extracurricular activities in a more concise way When I submitted my applications, I knew I had presented my best self. With your help, I got into EVERY SCHOOL I applied to except for two high Reach schools, and ended up committing to UNC Chapel Hill, which was my dream school! I am forever grateful for the opportunities and great advice you provided to me. Thank you again!

Calvin M.

I just got accepted into my dream school (UCLA) and I couldn’t have done it without you! Our meetings not only helped me with my college essays, but with my confidence as a writer as well. Thank you SO much!

Rachel S.

First, thank you for your help with my law school essays. It was so much fun to work on applications and essays with you again, some four years later. And you were right! You told me to choose the "best fit" law school, and I chose a smaller school. Your "big fish, small pond" advice was right. I graduated cum laude and was on Law Review. I already have a job in Raleigh clerking while I wait to take the bar exam. I'm so grateful for all of your help over the past 10 years. ​ Update: I passed the bar exam on the first try! I can't wait for my first case!

Amanda B.

The improvement I’ve seen in my writing through working with you is impressive. I'm a much stronger and more confident writer now, and I am so proud of my college essays. I feel well prepared for college writing courses. I can’t thank you enough!

Mason P.

Thank you so much for all your help! Not only did my writing and grammar improve tremendously with your help, I also got accepted into my my first choice school - UVA! The lessons you taught me about writing and phrase structure will stay with me forever. Your guidance throughout the whole process was invaluable, and I truly believe I could not have done it without you. I really enjoyed working with you and I am so grateful for your help presenting myself as the best version of myself to all my colleges. I had so much confidence in my application as a whole and in my many supplemental essays when I submitted them and I am beyond excited to be attending my number one school. Thank you so much again!